Introducing our Flagship 24'x10' Tiny Home!

Steel-framed and built to last, 2 lofts, tall open ceilings, full utilities, modern design. 

Rollout starting April 2020

Now accepting Pre-orders!

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About ThinHaus

Some people want their home in a rustic natural space, others want to be near their community. Some are focused on budget, others are focused on scenery, some have location already scouted out… Wherever is the perfect place for you live, ThinHaus gives you the chance to create your ideal space right there. 

ThinHaus is the newest creation from Emerald AZ Contractors, an Arizona-based home builder. We were inspired by the Tiny Home Movement (though they really aren’t so tiny!) Our goal was to create a Home with all the bells & whistles - superior construction, modern yet durable interior, the newest appliances, ergonomic flowing use of space… with the added element that you can put it in the location of your choice! 

Our flagship model includes all the features that customers requested, both in Tiny Homes and in our remodels. Sure, there are ways we optimized the use of 3D space in our design, but it doesn’t feel “economized” - plain and simple, when people walk in, they say “Ooh, it’s nice in here!” ThinHaus is all about creating an ideal comfortable indoor environment, that is also the perfect gateway to everything out there in the world. Welcome Home, to exactly where you want to be.